Every year 4 thousand youth will be trained – Minister Dr. Ashwath Narayan

The foundation-laying ceremony for the building of the Karnataka German Technical Training Institute (KGTTI), which aims to train 4000 youths every year, was held with enthusiasm today at Udyambagh.

The foundation ceremony was done by the State Skill Development Minister Dr. CN Aswath Narayan. Speaking on the occasion, he said that the construction of this multi-skill training center building will cost Rs 15.5 crore. The central government is going to provide more than 30 courses focusing on the young generation to acquire the skills of emerging technologies in the fields of electronic vehicle sector, robotics etc. The manufacturing sector has progressed beyond imagination. The Minister informed that the Center will train the youth keeping in mind the needs of the global industry. Aswath Narayan said.

The state of Karnataka has emerged as a promising destination in terms of employment generation. Our youth should take advantage of this opportunity to acquire better skills. Knowing the importance of this, the state government has prioritized the establishment of centers like KGTTI.

India has failed to take advantage of the last three industrial revolutions. But as our country has a population of 144 crores, we will not lose the opportunities created by the current industrial revolution 4.0, he said.

Karnataka has become a land of good opportunities. Earlier Mumbai was the financial capital of the country. But now with only two companies from Bangalore moving the formula of 50 percent i.e. half of the stock market in the country, fintech companies in the state will play an important role in handling financial services in the next 5 years.

Similarly, Skill Development Minister Dr. believes that the companies in the state will be at the forefront in education, medical technology and other such fields in the future. CN Aswath Narayan expressed.

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