Farmers lose lakhs due to rice threshing in rain

In the current winter season, the farmers of Kanbargi area have lost lakhs of rupees due to the sudden rain on Saturday evening, and Sudhir Shahapurkar, a farmer, has been affected by about 70 thousand rupees.

In the recent past, the people of Belgaum  have been continuously experiencing stormy weather and now, on a cold day, rain suddenly appeared in the city area last Saturday evening.

At present, when the farmers are harvesting and threshing rice, this rain has caused a huge loss to the farmers. In Kanbargi area, many people are threshing together with rice harvesting. Similarly, Sudhir Shahapurkar, a farmer from Patil Galli Kanbargi, had finished harvesting rice in his field and started threshing yesterday. But at the same time, due to heavy rains, Shahapurkar could not save his threshing floor from getting wet. As a result, they have suffered a loss of around 70 thousand rupees.

Due to yesterday’s sudden heavy rains, the farmers were left alone. Due to the unseasonal rains that fell for almost two hours, there was water everywhere and every rice producer in Kanbargi area has suffered a loss of about 60-70 thousand rupees.

It is estimated that many farmers in Belgaum taluk  have suffered huge losses due to their paddy threshing machines being found in the rain. Experts are of the opinion that the price of rice in the market will increase further in the future due to the extensive loss of rice in this method.

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