Hyderabad: Sarath Babu’s health condition is critical

Hyderabad: Veteran actor Sarath Babu has been admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad and his condition is said to be critical. The 71-year-old is on ventilator at AIG Hospital. The actor, who had been ill for some time, was brought to Hyderabad from Bangalore on April 20 and admitted to AIG.

The actor is reportedly undergoing treatment for multiple organ damage. According to sources, Sharat Babu was suffering from sepsis, which adversely affected the functioning of kidneys, lungs, liver and other organs.

Sarath Babu, whose original name was Satyam Babu Dikshitulu, started his acting career in Telugu cinema in 1973. He has worked in Telugu and Tamil films. Also acted in some Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi films.

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