Karwar: Celebration of harvest festival everywhere

Caravan: The harvest dance of the Gunagi Samaj of the taluk, which was suspended for a few years due to Covid and other reasons, has been started again this year with great fanfare.

This harvest dance of the Gunagi community, performed during the Holi festival, has a history of several decades. In order to preserve and develop this tradition which has been going on since time immemorial, the harvest dance team of Chendia village of the taluk is again touring the town with the festivity of kolata, turai and instruments. The harvest dance, which starts 9 days before the Holi festival, culminates in performing the harvest dance in one’s own village on the full moon of Holi. On the first day, MLA Rupali Nayka gave a start to our Suggi Kunita team, said the harvest dance artists of Chendia.

In Chendia, Arga, Kodara and Binaga villages of the taluk, Gunagi Samaj went door to door and performed harvest dance. Currently, the team has arrived in Karwar Nagar and performed at the Guru Math here. He informed that they are going to go to the houses of Gunagi Samaj and others and play harvest dance. Everyone in the village participates in this harvest which starts in the presence of the prominent members of the society including Kulawis and Kolakars.

Artists who leave 9 days before the Holi festival do not wear sandals till the end. This Madhya does not even go to his house, nor does he bathe. After performing the last puja, we take a bath in the sea and return to our home. Another artist said that when he went to the village, he arranged for meals and overnight accommodation there.

In general, for the protection of religion and culture, as well as in terms of entertainment, customs like this harvest dance play an important role in saving and developing the traditions that our ancestors have been celebrating since time immemorial. People feel that our old traditions of entertainment are effective for the minds that are always busy with mobile, TV, video games and help to incorporate positive thoughts.

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