Music is also yoga: Arun Sagar

Mysore: Music is a unique yoga in the world. Art director and film actor Arun Sagar said that Indian culture, language and art are respected by all the nations of the world.

Prasad School of Rhythms Percussion Foundation Trust 16th year school anniversary function at NadaBrahma Sangeet Hall on JLB Road in the city in the main program Kala Ratna Award for Arts Patrons.

Speaking after receiving the award, music plays a big role in creating health, cultural life and discipline. The cultural capital of Mysore is the home of artists and this is due to the power of music. Practicing music improves health. The conch shell cleanses the bladder. Folk style Vedic mantra helps in good health and strengthens the brain. Hindustani Carnatic music performance is respected abroad.

He recalled that strict music improves health If children are compulsorily enrolled in music schools, their future will be bright In today’s times, music programs on radio and television are depended on by the masses, which often gives peace of mind about health.

On the same occasion, talented practitioners like Arun Sagar (film actors, theater artists, Shivaji Rao Jadav, film actors stage artists, Vikram Iyengar, social workers, Vidwan C. Vishwanath.

Mandolin players, Vidwan Dattatreya, Flutists, Pandit. Bhima Shankar Bidanoor, tabla player, Vidwan Puttaswamy, drum player, witch Deepika Pandurangi, orators, Dasaru pada singers, Vijay Raghavendra, lead actors. Vijay Aras playback singers were felicitated with the “Kalaratna” award.

Senior social worker K Raghuram Vajpayee, BJP Mahila Morcha president Hemanandish, famous psychiatrist Dr. Rekha Manashanti, president of Prasad School of Rhythms Dr. CR Raghavendra Prasad, Credit I Managing Trustee M.P. Year, Presenter Ajay Shastri, Vice President R Mangala and others participated.

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