New couple Abhishek came to Mandya together for Begar’s feast

Film actor Young Rebel Star and Aviva Biddappa got married in a lavish wedding on June 5. After the wedding ceremony, a grand reception for the couple was also organized at the palace ground. Nava Jodi, Chandanavan and South stars danced to various songs and celebrated in this program.

After completing all the celebratory programs in Bangalore, Ambarish’s family has now headed to Mandya. Sumalata Ambarish has organized a wedding reception for her son for the people of Mandya who have been supporting her since the beginning.

Today, Bharjari Baduta has been organized in about 15 acres of land near Gejjalagere in Maddur Taluk of Mandya District. More than fifty thousand people are expected to attend. New couple Abhishek Ambarish and Aviva Biddappa have arrived together from Bangalore for this program. This photo has gone viral

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