On the second day, 11 nominations were filed in the district

A total of 11 candidates have filed their nomination papers from 18 assembly constituencies of Belgaum district for the Karnataka Assembly elections today, Saturday, the second day. Therefore, in two days since yesterday, a total of 28 nominations have been filed, including 26 male and two female candidates.

On Saturday, the second day of filing of nomination papers, nomination papers have been filed in the following manner: Athani-2 Kudchi SC-1, Arbhavi-1, Belgaum North-2, Kittoor-1, Bailhongal-2, Saundatti Yallama-1 and Ramdurg-1. One application each was filed by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Registered Unrecognized Party (RUP) for Belgaum North.

The candidates who filed their nomination papers in the district today include 2 from BJP, 3 from AAP, 3 from registered unrecognized parties and 3 from independents. All the candidates who filed their nomination papers today are male candidates.

No nomination papers were filed today for Nipani, Chikkodi-Sadalga, Kagawad, Raibag SC, Hukkeri, Gokak, Yamakanmardi ST, Belgaum South, Belgaum Rural and Khanapur constituencies in the district.

Meanwhile, a total of 28 people have filed their candidatures in the district from yesterday Friday to the end of today, which includes 26 male and 2 female candidates. Similarly, in these two days maximum 11 nominations have been filed by registered unknown parties.

Below that, the number of independent candidates who have filed their nomination papers is 9 and 4 nomination papers have been filed each by BJP and Aam Aadmi Party. April 20 is the last date for filing nomination papers for assembly elections.

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