Production Fix for ‘Sanju Weds Geeta 2’: Cast Announcement

Earlier, director Nagasekhar had said that Sanju Weds Geetha 2, which will feature Srinagar Kitty in the lead role, will have a surprise cast. If Kitty is the hero in this movie, the heroine has to be selected. Since there has already been a round of talks with Rachita Ram, it was said that she is almost certain.

Now the film team has released a poster and confirmed Rachita Ram. South famous stars Prakash Rai and Ramyakrishna will also play important roles in this movie. The music composition work for the songs has already started.

The first part of the story was told by a police officer in the state. It was a movie based on a case he investigated. Part 2 movie is narrated by a Kannada superstar. Nagasekhar has spoken about this. However, they have not given up their curiosity as to who that star is. Nagasekhar said that he developed the story told by a star actor.

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