Revival of old well to be done at camp; Construction of new well

Kiran Nippanikar, well-known water conservationist and founder of Zero Foundation, informed that under the Akash Ganga project, a new well will be constructed at Independence Road besides reviving the old dead well of Independence era at Kondappa Street in Camp.

Under the Akash Ganga project, the old dead well at Kondappa Street, Camp, which is currently closed due to garbage, will be revived and a new well will be constructed in the open space at Independence Road (Market Street).

The work of both these projects was launched today on Tuesday by ritualistic Bhumi Pujan in the presence of Kiran Nippanikar and other dignitaries. Rain harvesting is going to be done in both the respective wells so that the water shortage is removed and the ground water level is not reduced. That means rainwater will be collected for reuse. Using rainwater will reduce the stress on other water sources including the Rakskop Reservoir that we depend on for water. Apart from this, the ground water source which is very valuable for our future generation will be safe.

The well being revived at Kondappa Street was built during the independence period of the country. Over time, due to neglect of maintenance, it has closed down and has now become a garbage dump. Our team of experts is determined to revive this well and restore it to its former glory. Kiran Nippanikar said that we will not only revive this well but also make it aesthetically pleasing, saying that it will provide clean and safe water to the people of this area for many years to come.Camp well

Keeping in mind the need of wells in the society in the current situation, we are going to complete these projects with great care and close attention. These projects of ours are going to be implemented by trusting the local citizens.

Nippanikar also informed that in the coming time, under the Galaxy project, construction of five new wells in the cantonment limits, cleaning of existing 22 wells and rain harvesting at that place, revival of two dead wells, apart from digging about 4-5 wells for rain harvesting, Nippanikar also informed. He also thanked the CEO of Belgaum Cantonment Board Anand K. Thanked him.

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