The body of the murdered ‘that’ businessman was finally found

The body of Rajesh Zhanwar, a businessman from Gokak who was kidnapped and murdered in a financial transaction, was found by the police near Panchanaikanatti village at around 8:30 pm on Thursday night after 6 days of tireless investigation. A total of 3 people including two doctors have been arrested in this murder case.

Rajesh Satyanarayan Zhanwar, a businessman from Gokak, was murdered last Friday, February 10.

Zhanwar was abducted and murdered in a financial transaction between Zhanwar and his friend Dr Sachin Shirgavi of Gokak, after which the body was dumped in the Ghataprabha right canal.

In this case, the police till now Dr. After the arrest of Shivanand Patil along with Shirgavi, the third accused swear troublemaker (age 25, Kannada Galli Gokak) was arrested on Thursday. Dr. Dr. Sachin Shirgavi in ​​his own clinic. Shivanand Patil along with three other goons confessed to killing his friend Rajesh Zhanwar and dumping the body in the right canal of Ghataprabha river near Kolchi village. Based on that information, the police were continuously searching for the dead body of Rajesh Zhanwar for 6 days.

The water flowing in the canal was also stopped for some time to search for the bodies. As many as 350 police personnel from two districts were engaged in the search for the bodies. Rajesh Jhanwar’s dead body was found in the Ghataprabha canal of Panchanaikanatti gavanjik last Thursday after six days of continuous investigation. In this way, the investigation work of Belgaum and Bagalkot district police has been successful.

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