The flag of three in the district in the UPSC exam

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) created a new history by selecting the highest ever number of women for the Indian Civil Services.

Another point of pride is that this year, Shruti Yergatti (AIR 362) of Arbhavi Math in Belgaum district, Adinath Tamdatti (AIR 566) of Ugarh and Akshay Patil (AIR 746) of Shemnewadi have achieved remarkable success in the UPSC examination.

It is noteworthy that one-third of the 933 candidates recommended for appointment among the candidates who passed the Central i.e. Public Service Commission of India examination are women. This is a significant increase in the appointment of women candidates.Upsc

Because just two decades ago only 20 percent of selected candidates were considered for civil service. Another special thing is that in this year’s UPSC exam, women are in the top four positions in the country.

This is the second year in a row that women candidates have retained their position in the top three. Ishita Kishore, a student of Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, has topped the country in this prestigious exam. Ishita is a graduate in Economics from Shriram College of Commerce. The Kashmir number is the first from Maharashtra. In Karnataka, Avinash from Davangiri has come first in the state by securing the 31st rank in the country. Shruti Yergatti from Arbhavi Math village in Gokak taluka of Karnataka has achieved the 362nd rank, Akshay Patil from Shamanewadi (Nipani) has got 746th rank and Adinath Tamdatti from Ugar in Kagwad taluka has achieved remarkable achievement in the country by getting 566th rank.

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