The Government of Karnataka is following the Government of Maharashtra!

As the hearing of the boundary issue in the Supreme Court approaches, the Karnataka government has again started implementing its policy of obfuscation.

The Karnataka government has taken a new step to block the Maharashtra government, which has taken a step forward for the Marathi speakers in the border areas, and has blocked the opening of Marathi schools in the border areas. Karnataka Border Development Authority Chairman Dr. C. Somasekhar has done.

He has given this information while speaking in a press conference held in Bengaluru. Knowing the sentiments of the Kannada speakers in Akkalkot in the state of Maharashtra, the Karnataka government has given more grants for the development of Kannada primary schools there and has also encouraged the Kannada speakers there.

Many border villages in Maharashtra stand with Karnataka. Meanwhile, Maharashtra Border Coordination Minister will visit Belgaum and during this time we will take care that the sentiments of Kannada speakers will not be hurt and Kannada speakers will not be insulted, he expressed his thoughts in the meeting.

After the decision taken by the Maharashtra government regarding the Marathi speakers in the border areas, the Karnataka government has taken an initiative for the Kannada speakers in Maharashtra. 1 lakh rupees for cultural programs and seminars for the development of Kannada language from the point of view of Kannada speakers on the border and about 4 crore rupees will be given to more than 350 organizations. C. Somasekhar said. He said that not only this, the District Collectors of the border districts held a meeting in the border area and also instructed to visit the border area every month.

He said that the district collector has also been instructed to take appropriate action for the welfare of the minorities on the borders of states like Kerala, Kasaragod, Goa etc. He said that the process for awards, educational assistance, efforts for the development of Kannada language and construction of Kannada Bhawan will be started soon.

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