The ‘I am the President..’ conversation that flashed in the Yaksharanga – huge whistle-applause from the audience!

The Gandukale Yakshagana melas of Tulunad have concluded their performance with Pattanaje. In recent times Yakshagaana has seen Yakshapriyas adapting current affairs, viral dialogues in film and politics.

Earlier, the statement ‘Ivanarva..’ by a leader of a national party went viral in Yakshagana and caused some controversy. After that, some famous dialogues from the movie Kantara were also adopted by Yaksha characters in some episodes and got whistles and applause from Yaksha lovers.

Now one such conversation was heard in a show of Yakshagana and the clip of that conversation is now going viral on social media. During the recently held Karnataka assembly elections, the state president of a major national party said in a party meeting, ‘I have seen everywhere, whoever gets the most applause will not get a ticket. That’s what Kateelu entertained the audience with in a conversation between the two artists in a performance of the 3rd Mela.

Devendra Patradhari, ‘Who do I know? “I am the President.. I am the President not only for one world but also for three worlds.” When he said, ‘Only the president, no one is done’, the audience whistled wildly. Now many people have not only posted this video clip as WhatsApp status but also shared it in their groups.

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