Today is the birth centenary of Comedy Emperor Narasimha Raju

Actor D.T., who was popular as comedy emperor in Indian film industry, remained unimpressed in Kannada film industry through his excellent performance. R. Narasimharaju.

‘Laughter is a pleasure. Laughter is yoga. ‘Not to laugh is a disease’ is a saying about the meaning of a comedian’s life. The life of famous Kannada comedian Narasimha Raju was apt for this saying. An integral part of the Kannada cinema scene, a part of the development of the film industry, Narasimha Raju has a permanent place in the hearts of Kannadigas through his colorful life of 25 years. A constable’s son, the gap-toothed, emaciated actor grew up to be a big star in the Kannada film industry, a miracle.

Varanat Rajkumar and Narasimha Raju both entered the Kannada film industry through Saha Beda’s Kannappa. Narasimha Raju, who had acted in thousands of performances of Bedara Kannappa drama, successfully played the role of priest’s son Kashi in his debut film and succeeded in winning the hearts of Kannada film lovers. Later, both these actors became giants in the Kannada film industry, but they did not neglect the theater and whenever they got time, they served Kannadigas with our acting skills in the theater.

Narasimha Raju, who was greatly influenced by the great comedian Charlie Chaplin, used his chubby body and protruding teeth to bring life to his comedic characters through his unique mannerisms.

Tenali acted as Ramakrishna in ‘Shrikrishna Devaraya’ and Narasimha Raju as Nakshatrikan in ‘Satya Harishchandra’. Narasimha Raju acted in more than two hundred and fifty films like ‘Sandhyaraaga’, ‘Veera Kesari’, ‘Ratna Manjari’, ‘Kanteredu Nodu’, ‘Rayara Sose’. His roles remain unimpressed in the minds of Kannada cinephiles.

He is still alive in the hearts of his fans. Today 24th July is the 100th birth anniversary of Narasimha Raju. Narasimha Raju’s family members and fans have decided to celebrate the occasion with many events throughout the year under the name Narasimha Raju Birth Centenary. Many programs will be held this year to mark the 100th birthday of Comedy Emperor Narasimha Raju.

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