Traffic of red light cars stopped; Traffic was normal

The winter session of the Karnataka Legislature, which was adjourned on Friday afternoon at the Belgaum Suvarna Vidhana Soudha, will now begin directly on Monday, December 26 at 11 am. Due to this, the movement of red light cars has stopped and the traffic in the city has become normal again.

After the Karnataka Legislature session was adjourned on Friday afternoon, the traffic of red light trains in Belgaum city was reduced. Today on Saturday, this traffic was less. Because as soon as the session was adjourned yesterday Friday afternoon, most of the ministers and MLAs have left for their respective constituencies or for a trip.

All these ministers-MPs are going to return to Belgaum for the session on Sunday night or Monday morning. Therefore, from Monday again for four days i.e. from Monday to Friday, the traffic of KA 01 or other passing red light trains in Karnataka will increase in the city.

On the whole, today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday, the drivers of the city got relief as there was no rush of red light cars and the fleet of police and government vehicles behind them. For the past five days, the traffic on the roads connecting the major roads of the city was being blocked due to the continuous movement of red light cars of ministers and dignitaries.

The citizens stuck in the traffic jam had to bear the agony as the road was suddenly blocked by the traffic police without any prior warning. But today, as they did not experience this type of thing, relief was expressed among the citizens, especially among the drivers. For the past five days, the main roads of the city were constantly crowded with vehicles of Ministers, MLAs and dignitaries, but from today Saturday, the traffic seemed to have cooled down. Due to this, the police who regulate the traffic in the city were also relaxed.

Most of the officers and employees appointed for the convention took leave today as five days ran from last Monday to last Friday. Some of the officers and employees from Pargaon went to their respective villages while the rest preferred to rest in their lodges and hotels. Similarly, many of these people have also planned a holiday for shopping, sightseeing, etc. today evening and tomorrow is a holiday.

Therefore, along with Pargaon’s people’s representatives, the congregation will be busy with their convention work again next Monday morning by visiting Kolhapur Ambabai Devasthan, Goa etc. in the city. Overall, after the postponement of the session compared to the last five days, today Saturday was a normal day for the city residents as there was no traffic of ministers and government officials’ vehicles. But from Monday to Friday, the traffic of red light cars will again increase on the city roads.

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