What is NOTA? Are NOTAs considered a vote?

If you are not satisfied with any of the candidates standing in your constituency for the general election, if you feel that all the candidates are not qualified, then no need to worry because from 2023, the Election Commission of India has given you the option of NOTA or ‘none of the above’. done

If you are not aware about the note, its information is as follows. NOTA is an abbreviation of ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’.

In India, this option is permitted to be used by an eligible voter in a particular election by using an electronic voting machine. This button is used to select ‘none of the above’ option if one does not want to vote for any of the candidates in the list displayed on the machine. This button is at the end of the list of candidates in the electronic voting machine. However, from the 1990s onwards, electronic voting machines were used. Since the use of voting machines started, many things were achieved. Voters were able to give the option ‘NOTA’ for none of the above if they did not want to vote for any of the candidates shown on the EVM machine. If the number of voters who chose the ‘NOTA’ option is more, then the election is canceled and the election is conducted again.

In India, in September 2013, the Supreme Court granted every voter the right to opt for NOTA, i.e. none of the above. Since then, truly electronic voting machines have incorporated this option. It has been argued that NOTA does not have the power to reject all the candidates standing in the elections.

But instead has the right to register an adverse opinion. This option is based on the principle that “consent requires the ability to withhold consent at an election”.

Following are the details of NOTA option usage in Belgaum assembly constituencies in the last assembly election 2018 by constituencies, valid votes, nota votes and percentage respectively. Nipani :172251, 1447, 0.84. Chicodi 179201 1363 0.76 Kagwad :145735, 754, 0.52. Kudchi :136653, 348, 0.25. Raibag :150399, 1184, 0.79. Hukkeri :157887, 1830, 1.16. Arbhavi :176936, 1398, 0.79. Gokak :173980, 2121, 1.22. Yamakanmardi :149532, 1702, 1.14. Belgaum North :147426, 1361, 0.92. Belgaum South :146715, 1474, 1.00. Belgaum Rural :186419, 1958, 1.05. Khanapur :154219, 1561, 1.01. Kittur :148512, 1456, 0.98. Bailhongal :144800, 1352, 0.93. Saundatti -yallama :153707, 960, 0.62. Ramdurg :151328, 1704, 1.13.

Do notes count? Explaining this, the Election Commission has accepted the option of notes, but it is considered as ‘invalid vote’ even if the vote is counted. Hence voting based on NOTA option has no effect on the outcome of the election. What is the use of the note if it does not affect the election result? The answer to this question is that if the citizens are dissatisfied with the candidates in the electoral fray, then the note gives them an opportunity to express their displeasure. This increases the chances of more people voting for a candidate even if they don’t have their support and also helps reduce bogus voting. Chief Justice of India P. Sathashivam has said that negative polling will lead to a systemic change in elections and political parties will also have to reluctantly field a candidate with a clean image.

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