When will the clogged Shastrinagar drain be cleaned?

Due to the neglect of the municipal corporation, the drain at Shastrinagar, located in the center of the city, is currently overflowing with huge amounts of sewage with garbage and silt. Due to this drain clogged with dirt, foul smell has been created in the surrounding area and in the background of monsoon, there is a demand to clean this drain on a war footing.

It is well known that the municipal corporation always neglects the periodic cleaning of sewers and drains in Belgaum city. Therefore, due to non-drainage of spilled water, information about how much silt, filth and garbage was deposited in the drains of the city every year, when there is heavy rain, is available.

Dirt is spread on the road. When there is heavy rain, then the foul-smelling waste water from these drains circulates in the surrounding houses and the people have to bear the agony. Despite the idea of ​​all these, every year the behavior of the Municipal Corporation is ‘Ye Re Mere Magalya’, ignoring the drainage.

Due to the lack of proper cleaning, the water from the drain in Shastrinagar is coming out every year and creating a flood-like situation. Even now, due to the neglect of the municipal corporation, this drain is largely clogged with sewage due to silt and garbage. A large number of water lilies have bloomed in the drain. Trees and bushes have grown on both sides of the drain. Due to this, overall, the drain has taken a bad shape and bad smell has spread in the area. Lately, due to overflowing sewage, the health of the citizens living near the drains, especially the children, has increased by increasing the prevalence of mosquitoes. Despite the bad condition of the said drain, the municipal administration is still lax, but it is surprising.Nala

The mid-month of May has passed and soon the rainy season will begin in June. But still the cleaning of the drain in Shastrinagar or other drains in the city has been neglected. Due to this, the citizens are expressing strong displeasure and there is a strong demand to clean the drains on a war footing to avoid the possible flood situation in the monsoon season.

When Belgaon Live asked the reaction of Vikas Kalghatgi, a conscious citizen of the city, who has friendly relations with the administration, he said that according to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the rainy season will start from June 6. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the drains on war level before that. Every year before the monsoon, the city’s drains are cleaned and crores of rupees are shown to be spent on it. But are drains really cleaned properly? This is a major research topic. If you see the drain in Shastrinagar, which is currently very clogged, you can easily see that it has not been cleaned for several months. The unsanitary drains of this method are causing the health of the people to deteriorate and due to this, the diseases are increasing and people are crowding in the hospitals at the present time.

Vikas Kalghatagi expressed his opinion that the municipal commissioner should take serious notice of this and order his health department to clean the drains on a war footing and remove the encroachment in the drains at some places.

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