Will not leave BJP under any circumstances: Ramesh Jarkiholi


Former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi clarified to the media that false rumors are being spread about him joining JDS, and he will not leave BJP for any reason. He gave this reaction to the media at the inauguration of a cashew factory in Belgundi village of Belgaon rural constituency.

He left the ministerial position in Congress and joined BJP. After joining the BJP, he formed the government. We have not approached anyone to get us a ministership. The news that I have gone to Delhi for my ministerial post has come through the media.

But Ramesh Jarkiholi explained that even if I don’t get a ministerial position from BJP, we will not join any other party except BJP, we will remain loyal to our party, and we will try honestly to get BJP government back in power in 2023.

Why hasn’t the ministry been given yet? Responding to this media question, Ramesh Jarkiholi said, “BJP leaders may be testing their patience, but I am sure that BJP will give me important responsibility in the 2023 assembly elections. He said that even if I do not become a minister, I will work honestly to bring BJP back to power.

In 1994, Deve Gowda asked us to join the Janata Dal. But at that time I was loyal to the Congress party. Ramesh Jarkiholi also clarified that if the Congress party did not cheat me, I joined the BJP after getting fed up with the internal politics of the leaders and now I will remain in the BJP party and serve the party as a loyalist.”

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