Youth dies after an argument

An incident has taken place in Bharatnagar, Shahapur where a youth has died due to a clash between two groups. The name of the dead youth is Vinayak Shivaji Nichchal (age 38). The said youth has died due to the beating of the youth due to an argument that started over a petty dispute.

Argument started on Friday night around 10.45 pm over a minor issue. As both dead Vinayak and his friend are seen to have gone for Lagushanka, is Lagushanka a place ? The youth of the second group asked this question.

What started as a minor argument turned into a fight. After that, the locals settled the dispute between the two groups. The dispute was settled on Friday night itself.

But on Saturday morning, Vinayak’s chest started to hurt. He told the family what happened this time. He was immediately shifted to KLE Hospital for treatment. But he died before reaching the hospital.

After this, Vinayak’s family filed a complaint against the youths of the second group and a case of murder has been registered against all the youths. In this case, a case has been registered in Shahapur police and police inspector Sunil Kumar H is conducting further investigation.

Deceased Vinayak is survived by his wife and two small children.

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