50 percent off…offer extended for 15 more days

The state government’s offer to give almost 50 per cent discount on fines imposed in the form of e-challan for violating traffic rules has been extended for another 15 days from Saturday, February 4.

Karnataka State Government Regional Transport Department Secretary Pushpa P. V. has issued this extension through an order. Among the vehicles violating traffic rules in Belgaum city, two-wheelers have the highest number of violations and a total of 6.28 lakh offenses have been registered in this regard. The offending vehicles include vehicles registered from Belgaum RTO office, Gokak, Chikkodi, Bailahongal and neighboring states of Goa and Maharashtra. Due to incorrect address and change in mobile number of the owner of most of these vehicles, e-challans for traffic violation fines have been paid from 2018 to 2023 and the respective vehicle owner-drivers have been given 50 percent discount in the fine amount. Following are the number of offenses pending fine for traffic violation. Helmet -4.12 lakh offences, signal breaking -1.20 lakh offences, triple seat two wheeler riding -45245 offenses and other 51205 offences. Along with issuing notices to motorists who have been fined for violating traffic rules, an online reminder has been launched. Similarly, those who have been fined between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000, have been contacted and requested to pay the fine. Vehicle owners-drivers fined for traffic violation can pay their fine at Traffic South Camp Police Station or through the Karnataka Forest website.

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