9 Professors Suspended Due to Incorrect Answer Sheet Evaluation

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9 professors have been suspended from service after a serious mistake was made in the evaluation of answer sheets of the 12th examination and this action has created a stir in the education sector.

During the evaluation of the answer sheets of the 12th examination held last April and May 2022, serious mistakes have been made by the concerned professors. They have been blamed for not checking the pages of some answer papers. Due to non-checking of the answer sheets, the concerned students have suffered a great loss.

Suspended professors serve in government undergraduate colleges. Apart from him, action has also been taken against a professor of a private unaided pre-degree college. However, the Department of Pre-Graduate Education has directed to take only disciplinary action against him. Out of the ten professors who have been dealt with in this manner, five are related to Physics and the remaining five are related to English.

Meanwhile, the State Pre-Graduate College Teachers Association is likely to meet with controversy as it opposes the move. According to Ningegowda, president of the association, suspension cannot be imposed if there is a mistake in evaluation.

A penalty of Rs 100 is levied if an evaluator gives less than 3 marks. If there is a difference of 10 marks in the re-evaluation, the honorarium is not paid. It is also blacklisted for the next 5 years. Ningegowda opined that the suspension should be withdrawn as the rules under which the Department of Pre-Graduate Education has taken action against the concerned professors are not applicable in this case.

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