Both Feroz and Raju Sait apply for Congress ticket

For the upcoming assembly elections, a competition has started at the KPCC office in Bangalore to get a Congress ticket from Belgaum North Constituency and both former MLAs Feroz Sait and Raju Sait have applied for candidacy. Feroz Sait’s son Faizan Sait has also taken the nomination  from the KPCC office but has not filed it yet.

The discussion about who will get the Congress nomination in Belgaum North constituencies has started from now. 

So, will the Congress candidate change from this constituency this time? While such discussion is going on, in the application process which has started now, former MLA Feroz  Sait and his brother Raju Sait have both applied for the party’s candidature.

Initially, Feroz Sait had announced that he would contest the election on behalf of the Congress four to five months ago. But now Raju Sait, who has been active in politics for the last two-three years, has also applied for candidacy along with Feroz.

Although yesterday was the last day to apply for Congress ticket, as the deadline was extended at the last moment, some prominent leaders filed their applications today on Thursday. Apart from this, some more people are going to apply for candidature tomorrow on Friday. Although Feroz Sait and Raju Sait have filed their applications from Belgaum North Constituency, Faizan Sait has not yet filed his application. If they file that application, then there will be a squabble between the three in the Sait family to get the Congress nomination.

Apart from the Sait family, many people are interested in Congress ticket from Belgaum North constituency. Hasham Bhavikatti, Azim Patwegar, Sadiq Ankalgi, three Muslim Urdu speakers have also applied for Congress candidature. Vinay Navalgatti, who is the rural district president of Congress, is going to file an application to get party ticket from Belgaum North constituency tomorrow. Former minister and Panchamasali Lingayat Samaj leader A. B. It is understood that Patil will apply for Congress nomination from Belgaum North constituency along with his Hukkeri constituency.

From Saundatti Constituency, Vishwas Vaidya, Panchangowdru Saurabh Chopra and Umesh Bali are interested in the Congress candidature and they have also filed their applications. It is special that those interested in Congress candidature have to deposit a donation of 2 lakh rupees in the KPCC office along with the application form.

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