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America-based Amazon, a global e-commerce company, is now planning to give its employees a second big shock. Barobori plans to lay off 9,000 employees over the next few weeks. Chief Operating Officer Andy Jesse himself said about this.

The company has already given a memo to the employees, ‘During the corona pandemic, the number of employees in the company was doubled. Now it needs to be mitigated. From this background, it is necessary to proceed to layoff’.

Amazon sent pink slips to 18,000 employees last January. Now, for the second time, it is proposed to increase the subsistence allowance of 9,000 employees. This time the layoff effect will fall on the staff in AWS, PXT, Advertising, Twitch departments.

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Amazon has taken the decision to cut costs and will cut a total of 27,000 jobs by the first quarter of 2023. This decision has to be taken if the company is to be sustained for a long time. It seems that some of the personnel who are being removed now lack efficiency, skills, and have decided to remove such candidates. However, it will help them, the package, as the company will do the work to help them in the next job. Also health insurance will be provided.

The company is aiming to wrap up this second round of job cuts by the April mid-term.

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