Belgaum Dharwad Railway Land Acquisition, Again Notice!!

While the planned Belgaum to Dharwad railway line has been continuously demanded to be constructed through alternative waste land instead of fertile land and opposition to this railway line has been shown through the recently held Whip Morcha, still the Nandihalli villagers have been sent a notice by the Government’s Special Land Acquisition Office regarding land acquisition for the railway line. is

There has been a continuous demand for an alternative route from Belgaum to Dharwad instead of through the wrong land. A few months ago, a protest was given to the Collector’s office demanding consideration of an alternative route. A large number of farmers participated in this march. Dharwad railway line, Halga Macche bypass road etc. was demanded to be canceled by protesting against the government’s position by holding a whip march and canceling the project.

Among them, the first notice has been received by the villagers of Nandihalli and they have been instructed to attend the meeting in the Tehsildar office on Friday, December 9. Due to this, the dissatisfaction of the farmers has spread again and the government will consider the life and death of the farmers or not? Such an angry question is being asked.

Former Union Minister of State for Railways late Suresh Angadi had announced that the work of Kittur Marg railway line would be taken up to reduce the distance from Belgaum to Dharwad, when the farmers had strongly opposed the route passing through fertile land and had conducted a survey at their own expense to show an alternative route. Yet once again notices are being sent to farmers for land acquisition for the past few months. Opposing it, farmers have recently gone to Dharwad and registered a large number of objections. After that, we have clarified our position through Chabuk Morcha.

However, because the notices are being issued again and again, it is being alleged that the BJP government in Karnataka is planning to kill the farmers in Belgaum area. Desoor, K. K. The farm land in Kopp area is fertile and sugarcane and other crops are grown in this area. But due to the planned railway line, along with these villages, agriculture in Garalgunji, Rajahansgarh, Nandihalli, Nagenhatti, Neginhal will also suffer a lot. Therefore, farmers are demanding that an alternative route should be considered instead of the railway route through this area.

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