book list for upsc cse exams, What are the books to read for UPSC prelims, mains exam? Here is the list.. – what is the complete book list for upsc prelims and mains exam in kannada

Some of you have already read several success stories related to UPSC exams in the job section of Vijayakarnataka news portal. Also read the exam pattern, syllabus. Similarly, in today’s article, we have given information about the books to be read for the UPSC exam for the aspirants.

Be it UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam or Mains Exam, even though the syllabus is same for all.. one reads different type of sources/ books. Each one puts different kind of effort. There are those who take their own notes, mostly those who read digital sources. For the convenience of anyone who is reading, for the convenience of freshers, some of the best books to read for UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains General Studies Papers are mentioned below subject-wise.

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  • NCERT books for class 9, 10 can be read for ancient, medieval, modern world histories.
  • For Pre-Independence History – Reading Nitin Sanghavan Notes and Vision IAS Notes.
  • Reading Spectrum Books for Modern History.

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  • Reading 4 old NCERT books of class 11, 12.
  • Geography by GC Liang.
  • Oxford Students’ Atlas.


  • Laxmikant’s book
  • Vision IAS Mains 365 for Current Affairs
  • Vision IAS books can be selected and read syllabus wise and mains topic wise.

International relations

  • Vision IAS Mains 365 for Current Affairs


  • Sriram IAS Notes
  • 11th NCERT (India Economic Development) and 12th NCERT (Introductory Macroeconomics)
  • Economic Survey of India
  • Vision Mains 365 – Current Affairs

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  • Shankar IAS Book
  • Vision Mains 365 – Current Affairs


  • Vision IAS
  • Vision for Current Affairs IAS 365- Syllabus wise and main topic wise reading.


  • Lexicon book
  • Notes of various toppers
  • Reading Mock Test Copies on the Internet. (understanding writing style, understanding diagrams, facts, maps, examples).


  • Reading about Introduction to Fine Arts from NCERT.
  • Books by Nitin Singhani.


  • Vision Mains 365 for current affairs

Science and Technology

  • Vision Mains 365 Main reading for current affairs.

Current Affairs

  • The Hindu and Indian Express daily newspapers
  • Schemes, Indexes and International Organizations – IAS Parliament

Following Insightsonindia, Vision IAS Test Series for Prelims Exam.
Follow Vision IAS Test Series for Mains Exam.

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