Commencement of chicken waste processing plant in the city

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A project to process chicken waste i.e. waste organs of chickens from chicken shops is starting in Belgaum city and four vehicles have been deployed for the collection and transportation of chicken waste. This project will reduce the pressure on the municipal health department.

The Municipal Corporation will not have to do any of the collection, transportation and processing of chicken waste. Since this work will be done by the organization of chicken sellers in the city, the municipal corporation will also save money.

Every day 4 to 5 tons of chicken waste is generated in Belgaum city and the Municipal Corporation had to do the work of collecting it and processing it at Turmuri waste depot. The problem of waste in hotels and chicken shops in the city had become a headache for the municipal corporation.

As the hotel owners were not taking any concrete decision in this regard, the Municipal Corporation had held a meeting with the chicken sellers and suggested them to set up a chicken waste processing plant. Through the Chicken Sellers Association, he decided to set up a project on the lines of Hubli-Dharwad city and requested the company from which this project is being implemented to start the Belgaon project. Accordingly, the concerned company has started its work and four vehicles have arrived in Belgaum yesterday Monday for the collection and transportation of chicken waste.

Two of these vehicles will continue to operate in the North and two in the South section. The chicken waste will be collected and sent to the project through the chicken seller association. This will be the first project in Belgaum district to process chicken waste.

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