Fatal accident near Rumewadi Crossing

Fatal accident near Rumewadi Crossing

Belgaum: Bapleki, who was riding a two-wheeler, died after being hit by a tipper on the Panaji-Belgaum highway at Rumewadi Cross, adjacent to Khanapur city. One person on the other two-wheeler has been seriously injured. While the tipper was going towards Khanapur with the cement pole of the railway, the driver lost control and hit two two-wheelers hard.

The information received from the spot is that Pradeep Maruti Kolkar (age 37) of Bidi Hindle village in Khanapur taluka and Tolgi (age 20) of Aishwarya Gurana were killed on the spot. Praveen Kolkar was taking his daughter to Khanapur when the accident took place at Rumewadi fork.

Fatal accident near Rumewadi Crossing

At the same time, another Forest Department employee was coming on a two-wheeler when he too got hit, he jumped from the vehicle and was seriously injured. But the said Isam has survived in this accident. He has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Panaji-Belgaum highway at Rumewadi cross has been damaged due to many potholes. This road is in bad condition and there is always traffic of many heavy vehicles on this road. Roads from Karambal Cross to Masali Bazar in Khanapur are full of potholes.

Citizens traveling through this route always have to travel with their lives in hand. There are repeated demands for the repair of this road.

But this is being ignored and only repairs are being done. Many people are being killed in frequent accidents and when will the people’s representatives take this seriously? Such a question is being raised.


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