Deadline for election expenditure details is June 17

Even though the Karnataka assembly elections have been held recently, the candidates in the electoral fray have to give the details of their expenses. For this, the deadline has been given till 17 June 2023.

If the details of the election expenses are not given earlier, the time of action will come against the winning MLAs and in some cases their MLAs may also be cancelled, while the defeated candidates will have to face legal action.

The Election Commission of India had set a spending limit of Rs 40 lakh for each candidate in the assembly elections. Within this limited expenditure, the candidate had to spend his election campaign rounds, meetings, campaign materials, advertising expenses etc.

Now each candidate will have to submit these details of expenses before the Election Commission. The Election Commission reserves the right to cancel the MLA’s candidacy if the details are not submitted or if the expenditure exceeds the limit. Also the defeated candidates have to face legal action.

According to Election Commission rules, candidates are required to submit their expenditure details to the Election Commission within 37 days after polling. The deadline for the candidates in the recently concluded Karnataka Assembly elections will be June 17.

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