Demand to reserve Sardar Maidan only for sports

Sardar Maidan in Belgaum city should be used only for sports. Cricket and other sports lovers in the city have demanded that meetings, ceremonies, exhibitions etc. should not be allowed to be held on this ground.

Cricket and other sports lovers gathered at the collector office premises on Tuesday morning and presented the above demand statement to the collector under the leadership of KGB Sports Association in Kangral Galli. Sardar Maidan is the only open ground in Belgaum city. Most of the players play cricket on this ground. But the plight of the ground is being done by organizing the funeral ceremony on this ground. For this, no meeting-ceremony, any program, rally or exhibition of goods should be allowed at this place.

This ground is used for playing cricket and other sports as well as for walking exercises. Along with the damage to the ground due to the organization of meeting-ceremony or exhibition, a lot of unsanitary is also created in this place. Which the players who come to play on the field and the citizens who come to walk have to suffer. Lately, this ground has been used for mischief at night.

Apart from this, due to the dirt and garbage being thrown by the residents and shopkeepers in the area, there is a foul smell in some places. Then please stop all these malpractices and reserve the Sardar Maidan only for playing and exercise, the statement said in detail.

While presenting the statement, Adv. Gangadhar Patil, Irfan Bayal, Suhas Adkurkar, Namdev Kundere, Mainu Pathan, Mosin Ajrekar, Parashuram Kore, Shirish Balekundri, Rohit Nirmalkar, Sagar Patil etc. were present in large numbers.

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