The government will give water aid to rural areas!

As the assembly elections are getting closer, political parties are trying different ways to mislead the people. When the elections are near, the government, political parties and leaders are fighting various ideas to please the voters. A similar idea has been implemented by the present government in the run-up to the elections and now 10 liters of water will be provided free of cost to every family under the Jaljeevan Mission Yojana.

Recently, taps have been connected to every house in rural areas and meters are being installed on these taps. Citizens are opposing the installation of meters and now from the point of view of the assembly elections, the government has decided to increase the votes of the voters by deciding to provide free water.

Jaljeevan Mission Yojana, which will supply water to more than eight lakh houses in the district, will be completed by 2023. At present, free water is supplied through public taps through Gram Panchayat in rural areas.

But under Jaljeevan Mission, meters have been added to the taps given to every house and citizens have to pay for water. This water is provided through public water sources and why pay for water? Citizens are raising this question.

Meters have been connected to taps in many villages and warnings are being given from some villages to remove the meters. Due to this, the government has drawn the wrath of the citizens of the rural areas and suddenly on the eve of the election, by announcing 10,000 liters of free water per month, is this anger somewhat reduced? It is seen that the government is trying for this.

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