Don’t lose your stability for quick samadha -Ujvla Bhoir

While facing life it is very important for everyone to control their mind and to get quick satisfaction you should not lose your stability, advises Ujwala Bhoir (Nagpure), Psychiatry Consultant, Pune.

She was speaking at a lecture organized at KLS-IMER College, Hindwadi. On this occasion, Professor of IMER College Dr. Dr. Sushilkumar Pare and founder of Sanjeevini Foundation. Savita Deginal was present.

This lecture was organized to change the mentality of the students through Sanjeevini Foundation. You must improve your belief system by separating irrational and rational thoughts. While facing life, it is very important for everyone to control their mind and we need the ability to bear the good and bad experiences of life, stress and tension.

For this, it is important to maintain good physical fitness, so it is necessary to do regular yoga pranayama or other exercises at least some time in our daily hectic life, said Ujwala Bhoir.Ujwala Bhoyar

In the beginning Shantveer, a student of the college, welcomed the dignitaries present. In the introduction, Dr. While Deginal was giving the purpose of the lecture, there is no stability in the minds of the children, after joining a job in a place, they have developed a habit of leaving the job for trivial reasons and sitting at home or moving around in search of another job. It is for this reason that mental stability is important and this lecture is organized to understand how this can be achieved.

In the presidential speech Prof. Sushilkumar said that today Ujwala Bhoir (Nagpure) discussed how to improve our mindset in a very simple way. If you put into practice even one of the many things he said, you will be satisfied that today’s lecture was of some use. Finally, the student Manjula thanked all the dignitaries and students present.

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