Due to the rains, sweet potato cultivation in the western region is speeding up

Since last four-five days, since it has been raining in Belgundi and other areas of the western part of Belgaum  taluk, the cultivation of sweet potatoes has picked up speed in this place. Due to rain this year, planting has also started late.

In the western part of Belgaum taluka, sweet potato cultivation is done on a large scale. After four months of planting, this material is sent to APMC. Due to the quality of the products here, there is a demand for sweet potato products from Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh etc.

Last year, sweet potatoes got a good rate in the Agricultural Produce Market Committee. Therefore, there has been an increase in sweet potato cultivation this year. Since it has been drizzling for the last four-five days, farmers are seen planting sweet potato vines in the fields.

There is a shortage of farm laborers for sweet potato cultivation because the employment guarantee scheme is still going on in some places. Belgundi, Benkanhalli, Bijgarni, Kavalewadi, Badas, Baknur, Kinye, Uchgaon, Kudremani in the western region and Tudaye, Hajgoli etc. in Maharashtra are grown in large quantities. In the eastern part of Belgaum taluka, however, only a handful of people cultivate sweet potatoes.Sweet potato cultivation

Sweet potato crop needs rain this year the rains have started late. Although it is currently drizzling in the western region, the farmers are waiting for heavy rains.

Farmers have started planting sweet potatoes with the expectation that they will get a good price for sweet potatoes this year and they are hoping that the rains will support them. At present, the cultivation of sweet potato vines has been accelerated and sweet potato will be cultivated for another ten to fifteen days.

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