The Municipal Corporation removed the shops and took action against encroachments

More than 25 shops in Hanuman Nagar area were removed by the Municipal Corporation on Monday. The municipal corporation took this action on a large scale. There was also police presence at this time.

There was a large number of encroachments on both sides of the road from Hanuman Nagar Circle to Ganpati Temple. Despite repeated complaints, the Municipal Corporation did not take notice of it.

Now as soon as the new Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation Ashok Dudgunti complains, the Health Officer Dr. This action was taken on the instructions of Sanjay Doomgol. There were shops selling food on both sides of this road.City corporation encroachment

Therefore, there is a huge crowd in the area in the evening. Due to this, the traffic was obstructed. Food, fruits and vegetables were sold on the footpath itself. So many people had complained to the Municipal Corporation.

Finally, taking notice of it, more than 25 shops have been removed today. All materials were confiscated. At this time, the traffic police also participated in the operation.

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