Duties of municipal commissioners; 10 Notice to Revenue Officers

Municipal commissioner Ashok Dudgunti has taken seriously the task of uploading the income information of the city 100 percent as the team from Bangalore has entered Belgaum and he has issued a show cause notice to 10 revenue employees who failed to record the income of the city in the KMF 24 system.

The campaign to upload city income survey and survey data in KMF 24 system has been going on for a year. But this campaign is not over yet. Therefore, the government has again given a deadline to complete the said campaign. When the new commissioner Ashok Dudgunti got the information, he held a meeting with the revenue department last week. Also fixed the deadline to complete the said work and engaged the employees of revenue department. As a result, revenue employees have to do night shift to carry out the assigned responsibility. But despite doing so much, 10 employees of municipal revenue department could not meet the target.

A direct show cause notice has been issued to the said employee for failure to meet the given target. Now those employees have to reply to the notice. If the answer is not satisfactory, the commissioner will take further action.

The new municipal commissioner Ashok Dudgunti is known as a conscientious officer. Dudgunti was the Municipal Commissioner for one and a half months in 2019.

Even at that time, the municipal employees were afraid of him. Now he has joined again as Municipal Commissioner. Although the common people expressed satisfaction with their appointment, from the first day, all the officers and employees of the municipal corporation are again scared.

Discussions are also going on about the internal transfer of employees in the municipal corporation and it is predicted that the defaulters will be hit.

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