Good days for APMC vegetable market due to Congress?

The Jai Kisan Wholesale Vegetable Market near Gandhinagar has given rise to the vegetable market in the government’s APMC market yard. However, since the Congress party has come back to power in Karnataka after dusting the BJP, traders are hoping that the APMC vegetable market will have better days due to this coup d’état.

Since the opening of Jai Kisan Wholesale Vegetable Market near Gandhinagar, Belgaum Agricultural Produce Market i.e. APMC’s vegetable market has gained a foothold. As Jai Kisan Vegetable Market is near the National Highway, customers flock to the place in large numbers. As a result most of the traders have also turned their march towards Jai Kisan.

Due to this situation, the vegetable market in APMC except onion, potato, yam market has suffered. It is alleged that the concerned parties got the support of the then BJP government to set up the Jai Kisan Wholesale Vegetable Market near Gandhinagar. But because of that market, the vegetable market in APMC collapsed. As a result, farmers in APMC staged a month-long agitation, claiming that the Jai Kisan vegetable market was unauthorized. He was supported by Congress, Nidharmi Janata Dal and Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti.

As soon as the traders in APMC staged a protest, Congress MLA from Yamkanmardi Satish Jarkiholi and Belgaum Rural MLA Lakshmi Hebbalkar while showing their support to the protest promised to restore the past glory of the APMC vegetable market. Now that the Congress government has come to power in the state, there have been such pallavis of the traders in APMC. Accordingly, the movement of traders to resume the APMC vegetable market is expected to increase in the coming days.

Meanwhile, with Congress coming to power in the state, the Jai Kisan wholesale vegetable market has also sparked controversy. The Jai Kisan vegetable market has often been a point of contention in the past.

But the MLAs of Belgaum South took the initiative for this vegetable market. Therefore, this market has been marked as sponsored by BJP. However, now with the transfer of power, the APMC vegetable market will start again with vigor, not only traders, brokers and farmers, but also the couriers are expressing their belief.

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