Graduation Gold Medalist of Visvesvaraya Technical University

Following are the top ten students who got most gold medals from Visvesvaraya Tantric University.

1) Murali S. (18 Gold, Civil Engineering Bangalore Institute of Technology BIT Bangalore, 2) Kirti S. (8 Gold, Mechanical Engineering Kurunji Venkataraman Gowda College of Engineering Sullia Mangalore), 3) Swati S. (7 Gold, Electronic and Communication of Engineering ACS College of Engineering Bangalore),

4) Sushmita S. V. (7 Gold, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology Bangalore), 5) Pooja Bhaskar (6 Gold, Computer Science and Engineering BNM Institute of Technology Bangalore) 6) Abhilash M. (4 Gold, RNS Institute of Technology Bangalore, Electronics and Instrumentation, RNS Institute of Technology Bangalore), 7) Yuvika Ramesh Babu (4 Gold, Information Science and Engineering Bangalore Institute of Technology Bangalore), 8) Harshvardhini J. (4 Gold, MBA RNS Institute of Technology Bangalore), 9) Arjun Yu. K. (3 Gold, Master of Computer Application BMS Institute of Technology Bangalore), 10) Sangeeta G.R. (2 Suvarna, M.Tech. UBDT College of Engineering VTU Constituent College Davangiri.

Sakshi Patil of Belgaum is at the eleventh position. City Dr. M. S. Sakshi Jagannath Patil, a student of Seshagiri College of Engineering and Technology, has bagged a gold medal with first rank in Biomedical Engineering.

Sakshi’s origin is from Kuchi-Kavathemahankal (Maharashtra). She commented that she was able to win the gold medal only because of study consistency, reading, guidance from professors and encouragement from family.

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