how to negotiate ctc with hr What factors should be considered? – How to negotiate salary for a first ever job offer

Salary negotiation should be based on several important factors when getting the first job offer. First of all, you must believe that you are the right person for the job you have chosen. This negotiation becomes difficult because some people do not believe in the position or do not really know that they are the best fit.

So consider following few points for salary negotiation..!

As long as you don’t discuss salary.

  • Until we know exactly what demand/requirements the post is asking for,
  • Until you know that the company has decided to hire you,
  • Until you decide you want the position.

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Consider only the job responsibilities that determine your salary, but don’t focus so much on the following. namely.,

  • your education
  • your experience
  • Your previous salary

Don’t let the company look at you with these and hire you for a lower salary.

what to say
You can ask not only the salary, but also what kind of facilities you will get. For example, medical facilities, gym memberships, life insurances, laptops, special vacations can also be asked.

If you think you should win a salary negotiation, don’t bring it up in the first place. That is, I should not ask that I want the salary this much. If you tell yourself this beforehand, you will lose your salary negotiation power. So wait until the HR manager decides to hire you. Then he will propose this.

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Now.. Research the highest salary in the market for the position you are going to join. And consider whether this salary is appropriate for the responsibilities of the position. Then ask for a higher salary than you expected.

Remember these points for salary negotiations
You must increase the company’s revenue. Companies always expect you to earn 3-5 times more than the salary they give you. Game of the same company.

So if you don’t live up to the company’s expectations, you can be easily replaced, which means you’re not a good fit there.

If the company’s budget for a post is Rs.54,000, the Human Resource (HR) people will try to hire you for Rs.47,000. So you should never accept the first offer of salary.

Once you have agreed to any salary, the offer must be in writing.

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