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Millions of citizens in India prepare with the dream of joining the Indian Civil Service. But to crack this exam is not that easy. But there are some.. passing one exam after another and joining higher posts year after year. Or are always succeeding in joining the service of their choice. Among such few is Pradeep Singh Malik. Read his success story below.

IAS Officer Pradeep Singh Cleared UPSC CSE Exam 2019. This result of his is worth watching the whole country. Passed UPSC Exam with All India Result 1 Rank.

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Pradeep hails from Sonepat district of Haryana. Before becoming an IAS officer, he was serving as an inspector in the Delhi Income Tax Department. His father Sukhbir Singh was a farmer. Pradeep Singh claims that his father was the biggest inspiration to clear the UPSC exam.

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Pradeep Singh studied in government school till 7th standard. Later he studied in Shambhu Dayal Mordan School of Sonepat district till 12th standard.

Talking about his success journey, Pradeep Singh said, ‘I used to keep the syllabus target every day. My target was to cover it. Preparation for UPSC exam should always be consistent. But sometimes I could not concentrate. It was my father who encouraged me during such times. My father is a farmer. Mother is a housewife’.

According to IAS officer Pradeep Singh, it was more difficult for him to prepare for the UPSC exam along with his other duties. However, he achieved success through his self-study paths without joining any coaching center.

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He used to study for the UPSC exam during his spare time. He claimed in the interview that he used YouTube a lot and studied on some occasions during meals and while traveling to office / home in vehicles.

It is enough to have a desire to reach the goal, there are many ways in the palm of our hands. In addition, it is enough to have some encouraging people with you. Isn’t IAS Pradeep Singh Ray an example that our achievement will be easier..?

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