IMDb has released the top 10 movie names of 2023

IMDb has released a list of top 10 Indian movies released this year. IMDB has not prepared top 10 movies based on rating. Instead, this list has been prepared based on the number of visitors to the respective movie pages.

The movie ‘Pathan’ is at the first position in the IMDb list. This Shah Rukh Khan starrer movie made a huge collection at the box office. The movie ‘Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi Ki Jaan’ is at the 2nd position. 3rd place is ‘The Kerala Story’, 4th place is ‘Thu Jooti Mein Makkar’, 5th place is ‘Mission Majnu’, 6th place is ‘Chor Nickel Ke Bhaga’, 7th place is ‘Bloody Daddy’, 8th place is ‘Sirf Ek Banda Koffi Hai’ 9th place ‘Warisu’ is at the position and ‘Ponniyin Selvan 2’ is at the 10th position.

Many disagree with this. Movies like ‘Dare Devil Mustafa’ released in Kannada and ‘Virupaksha’ in Telugu were appreciated by critics. Many have questioned why they did not get a place.

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