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Everyone struggles for self-identity in a different way. Those who have the ability to stand up once defeated, those who get inspiration, always focus their mind on the goal. In today’s article, we are introducing about one such person who made success out of failure.

He is IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma..

He had failed in the 12th annual examination. But Manoj Kumar, who studied relentlessly, never looked back until he cleared the country’s toughest civil services exam and became an IPS officer. Between his 12th class fail and becoming an IPS officer, his life and studies cannot fail to inspire every poor family’s UPSC aspirant.

C grade student in 9th, 10th class


Manoj Kumar is originally from Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. Born and raised here. He dreamed of becoming an IAS officer from a young age. Unfortunately he failed in 2nd PUC / 12th. Apart from that, he was a C grade student in 9th and 10th class.

Hindi only pass in class 12th


In twelfth standard he failed in most of the subjects except one Hindi subject. Despite these defeats, his faith and determination never wavered. The target was not moved aside. It is like starting to study for UPSC CSE exam which is the highest and toughest exam of the country.

Self written book ‘Twelfh Fail’


Manoj Kumar has written a book about himself called ‘Twelfth Fail’. In it he wrote that while studying he was working as a tempo driver in Gwalior. The reason for this is the poverty of his family. There was such poverty that there was not even a house to live in.
In this background he also faced situations of sleeping with Bhikshas. Motivated by these problems, he achieved success through his hard work.

He also worked as a library peon

He also worked as a library peon

Worked in Delhi as Lraibury Peavan. It is as if he had read about great personalities. As read from Gorky and Abraham Lincoln to Muktabodh. After reading these books, he claimed that he understood the dimensions of his life well.

Love life

Love life

As Manoj Kumar fell in love with a girl while studying in class 12. But he never expressed this love. But finally he proposed, ‘You say yes, and we will turn the whole world around’.

IPS success

IPS success

Manoj Kumar cleared the UPSC examination through his hard work and became an IPS officer in Maharashtra cadre in 2005. Presently serving as Additional Commissioner, Mumbai West Division.

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