Karnataka government to conduct recruitment campaign on March 10

Government of Karnataka organized recruitment drive on 10-03-2023. It is known from sources that on that day Siddha recruitment orders will be issued by all the departments/offices/organizations on the same day for the recruitment of posts in all the departments under the state government.

2021, 2022 State Government Police Department, Public Works Department, Karnataka State Electricity Transmission Corporation, Economic and Statistical Department including recruitment of posts, in the previous years after issuing notification the recruitment process has been completed and the process of issuing police verification and validity certificate has been completed or such processes can be completed Government / The Chief Secretaries to Government are collecting the statistical information of all the cases related to the recruitment of posts in the organization.

After collecting all these information, it is said that preparations have been made to release in the government recruitment campaign organized on March 10, including the number of posts, final lists, order lists ready for appointment to government service in the department / office / organization.

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It remains to be seen whether the notifications to be issued for further filling in the recruitment campaign will be released or not.

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