Kitwad waterfall, ban on going to the dam!

As a precautionary measure keeping in mind the increase in water level due to heavy rains, tourists have been banned from going to the waterfalls along with both the dams at Kitwad.

When the monsoon starts, it fills both the dams at Kitwad (T. Chandgarh, District Kolhapur) and starts flowing through the overflow canal. The naturally formed waterfalls on both the dams are an attraction for tourists in Kolhapur and Belgaum districts during monsoons. Both these dams are important for the surrounding villages for agriculture.

Although the waterfalls at this dam site are not declared as a tourist destination, tourists flock to see this dam and waterfalls during monsoons. A lot of tragic incidents have happened due to drunkenness, rioting, verbal abuse, taking selfies where there is no place, by tourists coming to Kitwad dam and waterfall. Tourists have been banned from going to Kitwad dam and waterfall in view of the current heavy rains to prevent a repeat of the incident this year.

This year both Kitwad dams are not yet full due to very late onset of rains. However, tourists from Kolhapur and Belgaum districts along with Goa are coming to Kitwad. Due to the heavy rains that started this week, all the rivers are overflowing their banks.

Flooding is happening everywhere. Therefore, keeping in mind the safety of tourists, the government has banned the entry of tourists to all the tourist places in Chandgarh taluka.

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