llb graduate expected salary, what is the salary for company secretary, law graduate posts? Which of these two is the best post? – What is the expected salary for an llb graduate and a company secretary professional in India

A company secretary and an LLB graduate are also known as legal and compliance experts. Even for these two positions, the expected remuneration in the industry has to be interpreted differently due to many factors.

Salary of LLB Graduates
The salary of a law graduate is based on some of the following factors.
– The college he attended.
– Have done any other supporting course along with law degree.
– Practical knowledge of legal field.
– Backgrounds involved in debates.
– Articles written on the subject of their interest.

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A law graduate with more emphasis on all the above aspects, more experience, courses can join any tier-1 law firm and get a better salary. Industry experts said that a fresher can get an annual salary of 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs. Freshers have to settle for Rs.4 Lakh to 6 Lakh per annum if none of the above-mentioned aspects are given much emphasis.

Company Secretary Salary
A company secretary salary is also based on the following various factors.
– Any Rank in Company Secretary Exam?
– Number of attempts taken to pass Company Secretary Exam.
– Practical awareness.
– Internship and other experience.
– Additional supporting courses.

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If the company secretary exam is cleared in one attempt at all levels with good rank, such can join the post with good salary in top MNC companies. Or can join large public sector organizations. Expect an annual remuneration of around 11 lakhs to 16 lakhs. A fresher can get a salary of 6 to 7 lakhs if they do not get any of the above mentioned qualifications.

After looking at the above points, candidates should not decide which career they want just for the sake of salary. Instead, they should choose a career according to their ability and interest.

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