“Maithidi” is another play by Kodiyalbeil for Tulu theatre.

Mangalore: Vijayakumar Kodiyalbile, a great director and producer of Tulu theater and cinema, has been engrossed in the drama Shivadute Gulige for the last three to four years. Shivdute Gulige Natak, which has become a phenomenal success due to overwhelming demand, is close to 500 performances. By that he has drawn everyone’s attention to Tulu theatre.

The play has been dubbed into Kannada and will be performed in Malayalam and Marathi as well. This play, which was in the news with 2-3 performances in one day in the major cities of the country, made a huge noise in foreign countries as well. Due to all these reasons, he did not get a chance to perform a new play.

Now his new play “Maithidi” is ready for release. Vijayakumar, who had prepared it earlier, could not bring it to the fore because of Guliga. This time Muhurta is fixed for Maithidi.

It is a matter of pride that this play will start its performance in September and will have three performances on the first day. More than 50 camps have already been scheduled for this play. This shows the power of Kodiyalbeil’s play.

Maithidi drama is social and will also give a good message to the society. Swaraj Shetty of Guliga fame will shine in the lead role in this drama, all the artists of the drama “Shivadute Gulige” including Rupa Varkadi, Chandra Shekhar Siddakatte will give strength to Maithidi. As before, A.K. Vijay (Kokila) has music for this play.

New thinking
The thought of Vijayakumar Kodiyal Bail’s play is different. There is no shortage of solid core, a message to the society, humor, and lighthearted entertainment. Such difference is the main reason why people appreciate all his dramas and movies. Kalasangama is of the opinion that even “Maithidi” is no different. Theater lovers are also waiting for Maithidi. After its release, everyone is confident that it will become another mature piece of art for Tulu theater through its huge success.

“Maithidi” drama booking 9449664389 has started.

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