Nagpur Vari of Ramesh Jarkiholi supporters

Former Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi has traveled to Nagpur after Delhi, taking with him both candidates who are aspiring for the BJP’s candidature for the Legislative Assembly.

Hindalga Gram Panchayat President Nagesh Mannolkar from the Belgaum Rural Assembly constituencies and Kiran Jadhav who is a Maratha community has toured Nagpur.

After meeting the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, he demanded that both the Maratha faces be nominated in the upcoming assembly. During the meeting, it was reminded that the President of Hindalga Gram Panchayat, Nagesh Mannolkar, had made great preparations for Fadnavis’ public meeting in Hindalga held in Belgaum during the previous Lok Sabha by-election.

As the Maratha community is in large numbers in the rural and southern constituencies, it was demanded that both candidates should be nominated in both the constituencies.

Since Devendra Fadnavis is included in BJP’s Central Parliamentary Committee, he has been roped in for this ticket.

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