On the first day of school, he will get ‘sweet’! Schools start from May 29!

Belgaum : From last year the academic year is starting at the end of May and this year the new academic year is going to start from 29 May. The Zilla Panchayat and the Education Department are making successful preparations for the School Commencement Festival and students will be able to enjoy sweets on the first day.

Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Panchayat Harshal Bhoyer called a pre-school preparatory meeting of education officers of Belgaum and Chikodi educational districts on Thursday. In this meeting, the education department has given 16 instructions to each school. Mainly in this, the teacher should be present on the first day, clean the classroom area canteen, utensils, water tank, register the attendance of students and teachers on the first day of commencement ceremony, give sweet food to the students on the first day, prepare the class and school schedule, prove the SDP and SAP of the school, The instructions include that textbooks and uniforms should be given to students before May 30, Aadhaar verification of children should be done, curriculum should be started from June 1, first admission process should be conducted for 40 days from June 1 to July 18, setubandha program should be started, disposal of waste materials from schools should be done.

It has also been suggested in the meeting that students should be welcomed with affection by building a pylon to the school along with cleanliness of the school. Clear instructions have been given regarding the distribution of textbooks and carrying out other educational activities from the beginning of the school. All the teachers are required to attend the school on May 29 and books and uniforms will be given to the students on May 30. From June 1 to 15, officials of the Education Department will make a surprise visit to each school. Due to this, the teachers will have to attend on time on that day and the necessary documents from the school will be checked by the education authorities. Harshal Bhoyer appealed that the teachers should cooperate on this occasion.

District Education Officer of Belgaum Educational District Basavaraj Nalatwad, District Education Officer of Chikodi Mohan Kumar Hanchati and others were present in this meeting.

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