primary school guest teacher recruitment 2023, Govt permission for recruitment of primary school guest teachers: Do you know how many posts? – Notification to release soon for govt primary school teacher guest teacher recruitment 2023

In the academic year 2023-24, against the vacant posts of teachers in government primary schools of the state, till the posts are filled up through direct recruitment in the educational interest of the students, the government has temporarily allowed the filling of guest teachers for the current academic year.

A total of 27,000 guest teachers have been sanctioned subject to the completion of the recruitment process of 15,000 teachers and reduction in proportion to the total number of teachers attending in the year 2023-24.

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Where there are necessary vacancies, the posts of guest teachers are allotted at the disposal of the District Deputy Director as per the currently available vacancies to select guest teachers against such vacancies. District Deputy Director shall make the redistribution of talukkuvar posts compulsorily by May 26.

Here is the General Paper Syllabus for Group A, B posts conducted by KPSC..

Primary School Guest Teacher Honorary Remuneration Rate Maheyana Rs.10,000.

Guest teachers are selected on the basis of merit considering the minimum qualification prescribed for the respective post. Applications will be invited for the said posts soon.

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For the post of primary school teacher, along with graduation, B.Ed education, D.Ed education and TET pass is required. Candidates having this qualification will be given first preference.

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