renu raj ias officer, Renu Raj success story of becoming an IAS officer in the first attempt..! – ias officer renu raj upsc success story who got 2nd rank in 1st attempt

It is easy to dream of this IAS, IPS. But cracking the exam is like a child’s play. No one can think that this exam will pass in one year, simple, easy to study. Even if you do part-time or full-time jobs, not everyone can achieve the goal of winning UPSC. Only a handful of people can win with one job. Today, we have introduced the achievement of one such woman Mani here. He is definitely an inspiration and a role model for UPSC exam aspirants.

His name is Renu Raj
Resident of Kottayam, Kerala. He cleared UPSC Civil Services Exam 2014 in 2nd Rank in his first attempt.

These are the people who left their medical training half way to clear the UPSC exam. Renu Raj is the most famous among those who took tough decisions against illegal buildings and land encroachments in Munnar, Kerala.

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Renu Raj did his schooling from St. Teresa completed her Higher Secondary School, Kottayam, Kerala. Later he studied his medical education in Kottayam itself.

Renu Raj’s father is a retired government employee, mother is a housewife. Renu has two sisters who are doctors by profession.

According to Renu Raj in an interview, it was his childhood dream to become an IAS officer. So after completing his medical studies and training as a surgeon, he decided that he should serve the common people and achieve something and started studying for the UPSC exam. Then in 2014 cleared CSE exam in first attempt.

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“I alone can help 50-100 people as a doctor. But I thought that my one decision to become a civil service officer will help thousands of people. Then I took the UPSC exam,” said Renu Raj in an interview.

But one of our remarkable points is that today there are millions of citizens who dream of writing the UPSC exam and becoming IAS, IPS. Every year the aspirants of this exam are increasing. But those who dream of completing medical education and rendering service in villages are looking for it.

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