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Millions of citizens in India have the dream of becoming an IAS officer. As such, those who are in the list of IAS officers are working hard one after the other. There is an interesting story. Some of you have already read about many of them from time to time in UPSC section of Vijaya Karnataka web portal. But that of the IAS officer whom we have introduced in today’s article is different from all the previous success stories.

Yes, they braved all kinds of problems to crack the UPSC exam. Today we are talking about one such IAS officer.


IAS officer M Sivaguru Prabhakaran

Sivaguru Prabhakaran was born in a farming family. Everyone in his family also had to work in the land. An even bigger headache is that his father is reported to be an alcoholic. His mother and sister also worked on the land during the day and weaved baskets at night. Shivguru was saddened to see their hardships every day and left his education and joined the job of a sawmill operator.

What did Shivaguru say in the interview?

What did Shivaguru say in the interview?

“I was working as a sawmill operator for two years. Besides, I was also engaged in agriculture for some time. Whatever work I did, I would give some money to the house and save the remaining money for my education. I never gave up on my dream, no matter how hard things were at home,” said Shivaguru in an interview.

A dreamer who never gives up

A dreamer who never gives up

Shivaguru, who did not leave his mahadase even joined the factory work, helped his brother’s education after his sister’s marriage.
In 2008, Sivaguru took admission in Civil Engineering at Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology, Vellore. Then at the end of the week they started preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Like staying on the St. Thomas Mount Railway Station platform to read. Then again it was like coming to college on weekdays. In addition, the money needed for their education was earned by them.

Admission to IIT Madras in 2014


With all his problems, focusing more on education, Sivaguru Prabhakaran successfully cleared the IIT-Madras entrance exam, graduating with an M.Tech degree in 2014.
Only after his M.Tech degree did Sivaguru fully study for the UPSC CSE exam. Sivaguru finally cleared UPSC with 101st rank in his fourth attempt.

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Where is IAS Shivaguru now?

Where is IAS Shivaguru now?

Serving as Regional Deputy Commissioner in North Greater Chennai Corporation. He has studied Geo-Technical from IIT Madras, and as an IAS officer, he is always engaged in the service of the people. He is also active on social media by always uploading his duties and services on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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Need more inspiration to study IAS?

Need more inspiration to study IAS?

Need more inspiration to study IAS?
Financial problems at home, no one to study. We have seen so many aspirants who study for a year saying they don’t have time and then turn to work again. Such people may need no greater inspiration story than Sivaguru Prabhakaran’s success journey.

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