Suggestion of formation of safety committee in every school for students

From the point of view of the safety of all the school students in the state, the education department has suggested setting up a safety committee in every school and the students have also been asked to provide information about the POCSO Act.

Injustice against minor students is increasing day by day. In this background, the Commissioner of Karnataka Education Department has instructed the Group Education Officers to strictly follow the rules under the POCSO Act, which was implemented to stop sexual abuse of minors.

Along with the POCSO Act 2022, Karnataka Child Protection Policy 2016 has also been ordered to be strictly followed. What is the responsibility of school parents and students from the point of view of student safety? Information about this has been given to the schools.

A school improvement committee and a meeting of students should be convened and a security committee should be formed in the schools. It has also been instructed to submit a report to the Education Department after the formation of this committee.

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